GEMs Of Beauty:
Hair Help For Fall


It’s finally fall. The kids have gotten into the school routine and the air is getting crisper as the leaves start to turn (at least for those of us in colder climates). You’re buttoning up your coats and trying to remember where you stashed your favorite hats and gloves. Especially your hats when your hair is a mess. It’s time to assess the havoc that hot summertime sun has wrought upon your head, and if your hair is dry or thinning or unruly or just getting in your nerves, fear not. These products ought to help put some oomph back into your hair:


1. Kérastase Couture Styling Matérialiste

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Back in the olden days when my hair was enviably long and thick, I never dreamed that age would thin it on my head. Which is why I love this fantastic all-over thickening spray gel. Somehow it gets hair fibers to expand, giving you more body and lift, so your hair looks so much fuller. Try spraying it on damp hair, braiding it, and then go have a nice long sleep. Your hair will be amazingly thick when you undo the braids in the morning.

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