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10 From GEM: Extra Halloween Candy? Here’s What To Do!

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10 From GEM:
Extra Halloween Candy? Here’s What to Do!


What do you do with the bags of left-over Halloween candy? Do you sit there and eat it and then look down and see a small mountain of used candy wrappers in your lap, not realizing where it all went? We’re all in the same boat. Why, many a time, I’ve bought that box of Halloween candy well in advance of Halloween, only to empty it all out before the ghosts and goblins come around.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways to make good use of that candy without you eating everything yourself. Giving it all away is one idea, or stuffing it into a birthday piñata, for the kids to fill their goodie bags with, but here are some interesting and creative ideas for using up that Halloween candy without you eating it all up.

10 From GEM’s got you covered with these super easy, delicious and fun ways to make good use of that left-over Halloween candy.


1. Construct a Candy Cake

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It's quite simple, all you need are some small empty boxes, or if budget allows, purchase styrofoam cake shapes and glue wrapped candy in patterns on the outside. For the lollypops, simply stick them into the styrofoam. No fuss, no muss, no cutting or serving. Everyone takes what they want.

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