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10 From GEM:
10 Alternative Halloween Treats


Every time I buy those massive boxes containing Halloween treats, they seem to disappear before Halloween rolls around. Who eats them? We do. What’s worse is that more junk is brought in after Halloween is over and then we seem to have candy in the house almost until Christmas. Almost.

While there are many creative uses for Halloween candy other than consuming it,if it’s not around then it won’t be in sight and won’t be eaten. There are many creative things you can do to put together treats that are geared around the interests of children. Many practical treats that are tangible, that will inspire creativity and that won’t affect their health and well-being.

Think multi-packs of things. Think dollar store goodies which are real money savers. Think big box stores that sell massive amounts of healthy edibles at low costs. Here at 10 From GEM, we’ll show you what you can do to put together the best alternative and healthy Halloween treats for your little goblins.


1. Buy or Make Safe Inexpensive Jewellery

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A great, inexpensive alternative and healthier than Halloween candy is to make little bead crafts and hand those out instead. You can purchase little beads and sparkly peel and stick glittery bobbles and make little bookmarks, bracelets or keychains and distribute those. Designs with Halloweenish themes would tie in nicely with the 'goolish' fun!