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The GEM Debate: Back-To-School Bedtime: Is THIS Even Realistic? (POLL)

11921658_727950003977007_2195181590544296651_nThe GEM Debate:
Back-To-School Bedtime:
Is THIS Even Realistic? (POLL)

(Good Enough Mother Tune-In ALERT! I will be on CNN HLN at 12:30 EST talking about this very topic.. so stand by!)


Another day, another debate.. this time over bedtime!

Stacy Karlson, who teaches kindergarten at Wilson elementary in Kenosha, WI, was trying to help kids transition to the new school year when she posted on the school’s Facebook page, a chart detailing the optimal bedtime for kids based on their age.

And you know something? It made a lot of sense.

It also made a lot of people mad!

It was shared more than 300,00 times and garnered nearly 9,000 comments!

Here’s a closer look at the chart. It called for kids age 5 to be in bed at 6:45 with each age retiring 15 minutes later than their younger peers.



Bedtime chart

I think this is a GREAT idea…. if you live in a perfect world. Many of us do not. Some of us work until much later than 6:45 in the evening. What then? Do you stick to Draconian bedtimes or do you let the rules slide a bit so you can say “hi” to your babies?

In my case, and I’m being 100% truthful here, I was lucky to get my kids in bed at 9pm as high schoolers; in middle and elementary, we aimed for 8:00 but many times it was later than that.

I guess the point in this for me is that while this is a great GUIDE, we need to understand that it might not work for everyone. Ultimately you need to watch your own kids; if they are hard to get up in the morning, slide that bedtime back, taking into account the pushback you might receive.

So your turn; what do you think of this chart? Is it realistic and would it work for your family?

Take the poll and then tune in.. CNN Headline News 12:30 EST.

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