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Raising Gaybies: Help Me – Aidez-moi


Raising Gaybies
Help Me – Aidez-moi


What the #@&%!

This weekend was an absolute beat down. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

I remember a few years ago, enthralled at learning in a blog how French parents are so “superior” to us American parents. I said – I am going to be “that” parent.

Yea – that isn’t going to happen.

It appears in news articles that French parents have developed a prophylaxis to the dreaded, “soccer mom syndrome.” French parents don’t have SUV’s hauling an athletic closet – they drive tiny cars – they don’t race their kids from soccer game to birthday party to baseball game – they drag their little ones wherever they need to go. The French parent found a way to be selfish and less ubiquitous with their kids. They manage to avoid the anxiety of parenthood by eschewing our American ways of raising babies.

Well, here is another big #@&%!

All I know is that I couldn’t find a minute to take a crap this weekend.

I was gargling mouth wash cause I was too busy to brush my teeth.

Splashing water in my hair because I was too busy to take a shower.

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Why bother putting on nice clothes – they won’t fit anyway – so toss on a dingy pair of sweats and a loose shirt.
Oh, and a trip to the gym – yeah – my ass looks at me in the mirror with an another — big #@&%! Have another bowl of fries – sucker!


And to top it all off – a freaking blood moon lunar eclipse last night – so keep your kids up till 10pm on a school night – and look forward to a cranky Monday morning.

So French parents – here in America – we are all screwing up everyday. But kids are having fun.

I just hope this week is calmer – so I can have a café au lait and a croissant.

What about you? Do you think French parents have it all together? Do ANY of us?


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