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Monday Morning Motivation: Why Taking A (Complete) Break Is A Really Bad Idea

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.11.46 PMMonday Morning Motivation:
Why Taking A (Complete) Break
Is A Really Bad Idea 


Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you are enjoying some nice fall weather wherever you are!

I was talking with a friend the other day about someone we both knew. This person had been laid off from a job that they had held for many years.

When people face a situation like job loss, especially a job they have worked hard in for many years, the natural tendency is to say, “Whew.. let me take a bit of a break now.” And that’s fine.. but what you do next is critical.

Our friend decided she wanted to take a break, but not a little one; she decided she was going to essentially “drop out” and then resurface in a couple of years.

Sounds like a great idea, no?

NO! No it does not. And here’s why.

A few years ago, there was a lot of talk was about women who had left the job force to become mothers full-time. While that may have been admirable and selfless, the problem came in when they tried to get back in.

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You see, these women, like our friend, hadn’t planned on a couple of things happening.

  1. Changes in technology: I think this is one of the biggest issues. When you leave the work force, things change. Technology changes, the way business is done changes and sometimes those shifts are monumental. If you are out of the workforce, those things can pass you by, leaving you to play catch up. Not saying it can’t be done, but you are more than likely at a disadvantage behind those who were in place when the changes occurred.
  2. Changes in the economy: Our friend who was laid off from her job had a little bit of money, but what she did not anticipate was the country going into one of the deepest and longest recessions we’ve seen in modern times.
  3. Changes in self: Or lack thereof. When our friend left that job she was one person; sitting around waiting for her next opportunity left her stagnant. At least working in another job (even if it was a step down from her previous position) would have kept her mentally sharp and open to new opportunities.

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The point is, no matter how you play the game, how much money you save, how much you anticipate what changes may come, you’re never going to know for sure. Taking break for a couple of weeks or months to catch your breath makes sense; a couple of years, for the aforementioned reasons, seems like a bad idea.

That’s today’s Monday Morning Motivation. What about you? Have you ever decided to take time off? How much did you take? Was it hard to get back into the swing of things?


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