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Kicking Fear In The A**! Breast Cancer Survivors We Want YOU! #SurvivorStories2015

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Kicking Fear In The A**!
Breast Cancer Survivors We Want YOU!


A lot of thought went into what I am about to share with you but I am doing it because I think it’s important.

I want to share something that might be hard for you to see.. hard to absorb.

My scars.

These are the scars left from my mastectomy in 2007. They are the physical manifestation of the day I took fear and kicked it in its ass.

Many of you know my story; I am the daughter of a mother AND father who had breast cancer (men don’t get diagnosed in the same rates that women do but they can and do get breast cancer).

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In later 2002, I was diagnosed with the condition right before breast cancer called Hyperplasia Atypia. The next 4 years I had 4 biopsies.. some more aggressive than others. The super aggressive ones left me scarred and not just physically; mentally too.

I made a drastic decision to have a preventive mastectomy. Why? Why would someone who didn’t have breast cancer, decide to remove their breasts?

Because I wasn’t going to live in fear.

I wanted to play offense not defense. That is why I opted to have a mastectomy back in 2007.

Earlier this year, I was getting out the shower and got a glimpse of my scars.

Wow… those really healed up nicely, I thought. And I took a a moment to remember what I was thinking when I was in that maelstrom of biopsies and fear.

I remember thinking…..


I’m not going to be afraid. I’m going to learn, take action and live life on my terms.

So today, and everyday I have decided to celebrate. I’m going to celebrate taking control of my health. Celebrate being able to make a tough decision. Celebrate the place I am now and where I am going.

And I’m going to show my scars because they are a part of me.



I know I am not alone. I know there are many, many of you out there who have or are battling breast cancer. Some of you are weary, some wonder if the victory will ever come and if so, what will that look like?

So here on we give you a chance to tell your story. We want to know what you went through,  what you learned and your message to others. If you’re interested in participating in our feature, please email Put #SurvivorStories2015 in the subject line. Here’s a look at previous years and we are continuing to grow and build.

Pass it on.. Let’s all live, learn and celebrate!




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