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Friday Roundup


Here we are on the 14th anniversary of the most horrific scene of events that most of us have ever experienced. September 11, 2001 – I’ll never forget that day; I’ll bet you won’t either. In fact, I’m willing to bet you remember exactly where you were, exactly how you felt when you heard a plane, A PLANE – had hit one of the towers at The World Trade Center. When a second plane hit the second tower, the heart-wrenching feeling I had in my gut was one that I’ll never forget. All of us at GEM Headquarters will be thinking about and remembering all who were affected in one way or another that dreadful day.

We do want to take just a few minutes today to give you a recap of some of the great content we shared this week. Please pull up a chair and have a look . . .

Beauty Load

If you were a teenage girl once, do you remember spending hours upon hours getting ready to go anywhere because of the slight chance that you might run into someone you knew? Well, those days are long over for me. Check out Jackie’s 10 From GEM: 10 Ways to Lighten Your Beauty Load for some great time-saving ways to look beautiful without the huge investment of time.


Whether you’re a parent who is married or single; whether you became one because you were widowed or divorced, parenting is probably the hardest job you’ll ever have. Dave brought up an interesting debate that was going on in Our Story Begins: Single Parent Or Not A Single Parent? – take a look and weigh in.

GEM Sept 2015

I know you’ve all seen folks shaming their kids online for doing something wrong or making a bad decision. I also remember thinking that some of them were funny and that it was a great way to make their kid ‘pay the price’ if you will. As the years have gone by, things have gotten much worse in that regard. Take a look at Better, Not Bitter: Stop Shaming Children (But Only on Social Media) (Video) for Wilma’s thoughts on the matter.


Andi shared how she had an outburst [privately] with her ex. What a great piece – I won’t give anything away, but this one’s a MUST READ. Live, Love, Blend: Get Mad, And Then Get Over It


Rene gave us a review this week in GEM Recommends on some really cool VIM & VIGR Compression Sleeves! So cool that they made such a big difference for her in her journey to being incredibly fit!


Our resident twin-mom debunked 4 IVF myths in this week’s Tales From A Twin Mom – check it out if you’re thinking about the process!

Thanks for joining our roundup this week and have a fabulous weekend!