Beauty Load

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10 Ways to Lighten Your Beauty Load


Who wants to spend hours getting ready everyday? Who’s got time for that? Do you really need to spend hours prepping and priming yourself in front of the mirror? It’s time to let go of those daily rigorous, beautification steps involving loads of time and countless products. Why not cut down on all the products used and simplify your life. Do you really need all those products every single morning? Wouldn’t life be a lot easier with much less? You’d have more time for other things that would fulfill you and make your much happier.

Life is chaotic enough as is, why complicate matters even more on a daily basis. By simplifying your beauty regime every morning, you’ll create a more positive routine for yourself that will influence your day in a more productive manner. As well, you’ll need fewer beauty products, clear out the clutter and save a lot of money too.


1. Take a Moisturizing Shower

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Pull your hair back, put on a refreshing face mask and indulge in a morning shower with your favourite gels and exfoliants. Then moisturize with a luxurious body lotion from head to toe. You'll feel great!