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10 From GEM: 10 Tips for Time Management

Time Management FEATURE

10 From GEM:
10 Tips for Time Management


Why are many of us seeking hyper-productivity? Why must we feel that multi-tasking is a good thing? Why are we running around, scurrying from task to task, organizing things, checking cell phones for notifications, messages or emails, with that ear bud jammed in place, having conversations while trying to perform other tasks at the same time? Who says we have to multi-task? Do we really accomplish anything this way? Do we really finish our tasks with complete satisfaction this way?

Why are we functioning with so many open tabs on a daily basis? Why the unnecessary stress?

What this behaviour really leads to is mindless productivity. This is the constant need to be doing something, regardless of the importance of the task, which often leads to wasting time on menial tasks. Who says we have to be constantly doing something?

It’s much easier to focus on a few essential tasks each day and complete them properly and with complete satisfaction. Your daily life will gradually improve, leading to a more satisfied and contented life.

Here’s how you can achieve effective time management with these ten, simple tips.


1. Put a Halt on Multi-Tasking

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Multi-tasking can become a complicated demon, especially when attempting many unrelated tasks. Because the tasks are unrelated, the thinking and efforts required are different, creating a heavier and more complex burden on you. Instead, if you have to multi-task, bunch related tasks together. This way, your efforts and thinking processes will continue to flow in similar strands, rather than switching unnecessarily to something that will require re-orientation. Save your steps, save your efforts and your time.


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