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Monday Morning Motivation: Don’t Question The Process

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Monday Morning Motivation:
Don’t Question The Process

Happy Monday everyone! You ready to get another one started?

Here we are… the last week of August. We took it easy here at, posting a little less frequently.. but we’re about to kick it back into high gear so let’s start with a question.

One of the things people ask me, once they know my story, is whether I would do anything differently.

And I’m going to be 100% honest with you.


And yes.

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Let me explain.

I used to immediately jump to “No way!” as my default answer. Why? Because I know that there is no way I would have tapped into the creativity I have now had I stayed at that big job.

The big job had big resources, which meant there were a lot of things I never had to learn to do.

Oh I may have known HOW to do it but, as we all know, unless you do it every day, you get out of practice.

So the part of me that was self-reliant, stopped being that and began relying on others.

When I lost my job the only person I could truly count on (and afford) was myself! That meant I had to learn how to do everything.

I asked a lot of questions, watched people and what they did and used a lot of trial and error, sometimes more error than trial.

I say that to say that I would not have learned the things I have, challenged myself the way I do had I not been pushed outside my comfort zone.

NOW.. the truth.

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It is easy to say, “Oh I wouldn’t change a thing” when the cash flow is good. When it’s not, it’s more of a challenge to remain relentlessly upbeat. And I find that’s when we start asking the question, “How long is this going to take?”

I remember the first time I asked, I had been out of work for a couple of years and I ran into Matt Lauer from The Today Show at an industry event. Matt had, right before he went to NBC, lost his job and been out of work a couple of years.

I asked him, how long? How long could I be expected to be out of work? How long before things turned around?

I don’t recall what his answer was.. but I came up with my own.

It takes as long as it takes.

Now an important distinction; I was not trying to go back into the same business I left. I was trying to build a brand, create something from scratch and even I knew that would take time.

But that didn’t then and doesn’t now, stop me from the occasional, “How LOOOOOONG??” question.

It takes as long as it takes.

That is little consolation when you have one kid off at college, another on the way and should be looking toward retirement.

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But one of the things I have learned through this entire process is this;  I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Is it comfortable?


Is it a place I want to stay? Nope.

Is it necessary?


Everything I have learned over this process would still be a mystery had I still had the resources and support I had in that big gig all those years ago.


I learned because I HAD to learn.

I moved forward and grew because there were no options.

So to the people who ask me would I do it again? Yes.. but I would be a lot more realistic about one thing; “how long” is the wrong question to ask.

Instead, “what should I be learning through this process” are the words to remember.

Have you ever been in a rebuild phase where you were continually asking, “how long?” How did you come to grips with the process? Leave your comments here.

Now go forth and make it a kick-ass Monday!


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