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Monday Morning Motivation: 7 Life Lessons Learned From Running The Warrior Dash

ReneMonday Morning Motivation:
7 Life Lessons Learned From
Running The Warrior Dash


Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

Have you ever done anything physically that pushed you to your limit? Absolutely challenged you to your core? I did just that recently.

I competed in the Warrior Dash in Windham, New York. Now I have never done anything like this and that fact made it even more exciting.

Warrior Dash is a race that’s roughly three miles where contestants tackle carious obstacles throughout the course. Because I grew up an athlete I still have a competitive streak a mile wide in me so this was something I was looking forward to. I’ve been on a quest to get in better shape and wanted to see how far I could push my body.

So along with four other women from Ladimax Sports And Fitness, we undertook the challenge.

Over the next three hours, we climbed hills, through tunnels, over wooden structures, through cargo ropes, swimming holes and over fire. yes real fire!

During that time race we had a lot of time to talk and I realized how many parallels there were between the physical challenges of the Warrior Dash and life and career.

So for today’s Monday Morning Motivation, a look at the 7 things I learned from doing the Warrior Dash and what a physical challenge can teach you too.

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1. You're Going To Have To Get Dirty

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There is no way you can be fully involved in your life if you don't get in there and get to work. That means doing the grunt work, the stuff that no one else will do and what you don't necessarily want to. None of that changes that fact that it must be done. Roll up your sleeves and get to work.




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