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Back-to-School Shopping with Sears and Good Enough Mother

PicMonkey Collage

 Back-to-School Shopping
with Sears and Good Enough Mother

(Compensation for this post was provided by Sears via Mode Media)



Oh, was I yelling? After a long, unstructured summer, it’s time for my kids to get back to class and, trust me, not a moment too soon. Actually, I did very much enjoy the break from the rigidity of the school year, but all good things must come to an end so it’s back to the learning.

Part of that routine is, of course, back-to-school shopping.

When my kids were toddlers, that was so much easier; they loved everything I brought home. It was also much less expensive!

Now that they are teens, it’s a whole different ballgame; they are picky, and, frankly, who can blame them? For them, the clothes need to be stylish and look good; for me they need to be relatively inexpensive and built to last.

Finding that common ground on back-to-school shopping is only part of the battle, and it’s become a bit of a chore the past couple years.

See, my daughter and I like to go to the stores and take our time—window shop, get the general vibe, pull outfits together from various departments and stores. But my son would rather be sitting in the dentist’s chair—with six cavities! You get the point here.

About a year ago, I decided to stop putting him AND me through the misery and make technology my tool for back to school.

So here’s my big secret: I shop with my daughter, and when I find something I think he might like, I snap a picture and text it to him!


Shopping with Casey for Cole via text!

I get a thumbs-up or thumbs-down and proceed accordingly!

So while the texting back and forth saved me time, the other big help was the fact that I could find several items for both kids all in one place—and so much of it was on sale!

Wanna see my haul?

From Canyon River Blues:

PicMonkey Collage1
LEFT: A striped, oversized, long-sleeved T-shirt, perfect with jeans and sandals that will make way for boots come fall.

RIGHT: This adorable print dress that will be perfect for fall with tights and boots.


From Bongo Girls:

PicMonkey Collage2


LEFT:  An adorable summer dress: This one has cute little hummingbirds on it. It can be paired with a denim jacket and tights for a fall look.

RIGHT: Tribal leggings, T-shirt, and cardigan: Casey can pair them with sandals until fall, and then boots. Tribal leggings are all the rage these days and these are super soft!


From Amplify:


I bought two T-shirts for my son to pair with his numerous cargo shorts. He’s kind of no-nonsense, so these are perfect for him to wear alone or put under a button-down.

All in all, I scored big—and so did the kids. They’re ready to go back to school and I have a little change still jingling around in my pocket!


Sears held true to its statement: The hottest trends, celebrity style, and fashion tips you can afford to try.

I can tell already, it’s going to  be a great year!





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