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10 From GEM:
10 Ways To Enjoy Summer Fun with the Family


Trying to entertain the kids over the summer and keeping them engaged, happy and occupied may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Incorporate a daily routine including household chores and errands while scheduling one or two fun activities. You should not have to neglect your personal regime or your daily household responsibilities because the kids are home. Rather, find a way to structure your day to include a little of everything and make sure you get help by assigning a duty to each able child. This way, when the necessary duties are finished, there is time for some fun.

Kids need structure even during the summer months. They need to know what to expect throughout the day. Having a routine during the summer will benefit everyone, especially you, because you won’t be badgered with five hundred questions all day long. Furthermore, you won’t feel as if you’re not doing enough for the kids when they’re home and you won’t feel as if you are neglecting yourself or your daily duties.

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Check out our ideas on fun and easy to incorporate summer activities for your family.


1. Inspire Creativity

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Have you ever noticed how kids love playing with larger boxes? Well, why not make a spaceship, a fort, or car in your backyard and have the kids paint and decorate it? Perhaps consider allowing the kids to paint a backyard fence panel, or old, backyard wooden chairs. Make paper mache masks or musical instruments from items around the house. Organize a weekly neighbourhood talent night for the kids and their parents to showcase their musicality or dramatic talent.