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Surviving the First Day of School


Thousands of kids will start school soon all over the nation and many have the first day jitters. In fact, many teachers also have those butterflies. School, after all means back to routine, accountability and work. It’s perfectly normal to have some nervousness and everyone experiences this feeling. Much of the fear is of the unknown. Kids often worry about the transitions, the changes, what will happen to their old friends and who will be their new friends. They wonder about their new teacher or set of teachers, how much homework they’ll get and if they’ll understand and be able to keep up with it.

These worries may seem trivial to us as adults, but to children these worries are huge. We have to recognize and respect that and try to work through these emotions. The best way to do this is to establish structure and routine at home. Kids need to know what to expect at every turn. It’s what helps them thrive and learn. Structure breeds comfort and security which in turn fosters learning.

These easy tips will help you get your child off to a great start.


1. Be Prepared

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Establish back to school sleep routines a couple of weeks before the start of school. Shop for school supplies, with a list in hand, for items you know are necessary and buy a couple of new back to school outfits to make the beginning something to look forward to. Make sure everything is ready and laid out the night before, so there is no hassle or stress the morning of. Make sure the kids have a good breakfast and you should display an enthusiastic attitude that they will pick up on.