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Tales From A Twin Mom: Telling Your Identical Twins Apart


Tales From A Twin Mom:
Telling Your Identical Twins Apart


The probability of you having identical twins is 1 in 285. If you’re that lucky winner you must be wondering how you will tell your twins apart. When I first discovered that I was having multiples that was the first question that came out of my mouth.

“Are they identical?”

I wanted to make sure that as the mother I knew who was who. I was concerned that I would some how switch their names after birth. It turned out that I had fraternal twins and I didn’t need to worry so much! If you are the proud parent of identical twins, here are some helpful tips to assist you in keeping your darling children identified!

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When you’re in the hospital the babies will have their ID bracelets which will be great but at one point you’ll have to take it off. Many parents of identical twins take nail polish to the hospital with them and paint one twin’s big toe. This way it’s not too obvious but you can rest assure that it will last for a while!

Even though your babies are identical they might not weigh the same at birth or have a birth mark in a different place. Place your babies side by side and sit down with a family member. I’m sure you will find a couple of differences. Write them down so you don’t forget! A new mom’s memory is really not the best! Many parents of identical twins say that there is always a difference in the look or shape of the belly button.

Have ID bracelets made with their names on it. Make sure that you are able to adjust the bracelet so that you don’t have to run out and get a new one in a couple of months! This can be helpful not only to you but also friends and family who are nervous about slipping up!

Colors are wonderful! I recently bumped into a friend of mine who has 3 year old twin girls and I realized that they were wearing the same outfit but in different colors. She later told me that since day one Baby A was always in pink and Baby B was always in purple. Although she didn’t need to color-code them anymore to tell them apart she came to the conclusion that it helped the day care providers a great amount so she just kept doing it. Having boys? How about blue and green or light blue and dark blue?

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One father of multiples even admitted to me that he took a sharpie to the hospital and marked a thumb until he got home to sort things out! Although I found that a little funny I can’t say I blame him one bit. I think it was a creative way of telling them apart. Better safe than sorry I always say!

Are you a parent of identical twins? How did you tell them apart from day one? Share your tips below!

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