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Monday Morning Motivation:
3 Ways To Learn To Save Yourself!


Good morning everyone! Oh I am feeling all kinds of wonderful this Monday and it’s because of some super awesome women in Dallas/Fort Worth!

As you know I do a lot of work with Ladimax Sports And Fitness; the owner and visionary there, Nicole Sanders, is a celebrity trainer who I have watched transform countless women’s bodies, my own included.

So we decided to take our show on the road, holding our first ever, Evolution Revolution: A Prescription For Saving Yourself.



Evolution Revolution turnout in Dallas!


The goal was to tell women about the tools I used in reinventing myself after a decade of change.

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The overall point I was trying to convey was that change affects and impacts everyone. It’s what you DO with that change that matters.

I told my story about losing my job, my breasts, my hair and then having a lot of people who had been in my professional life, turn their backs on me.

In that time I learned a lot about myself, but the overall lesson was that NO ONE was going to save me.. I had to throw myself a lifeline.

So I did.

Here now, for today’s Monday Morning Motivation, are the 3 ways to learn to save yourself.


1. Recognize An End For What It Really Is....

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There's only one ultimate end and depending upon your belief system, perhaps not even then. But the point is every time you wake up, every time you draw breath into your lungs, every time you place your fingers on the keyboard is the opportunity to start something new.