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GEMs Of Beauty: Beat The Heat With These Great Summer Body Products

GEMs Of Beauty:

Beat The Heat With These
Great Summer Body Products

Remember when you were so sure those snowy/sleety/slushy/frigid/miserable winter days would never end? And the thought of summer heat was unimaginable? Well, if you’re caught in a heat wave with humidity so high your hair is practically swelling into a mass of frizz before your very eyes and your sunburned skin is so sweaty it’s getting bumps and splotches even if you just left the blessed a-c for only a few minutes to walk the dang dog, fret not. These items are just what you need to help you keep your cool.

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1. Slip For Beauty Sleep


One of the best beauty treatments for your skin doesn’t come in a bottle. It comes in a box and you put it on your pillow. The Slip for Beauty Sleep is a pillowcase made from a special mulberry silk that allows your skin to glide as you move around in your sleep. Because silk is a natural fiber that breathes, this pillowcase not only keeps you cool but never leaves creases embedded on your skin in the morning. It leaves your hair smooth, too. It’ll last through hundreds of washings—just don’t put it in the dryer! Available in 7 colors.

Buy it for $79.95 at

2. REN Moroccan Gold Glow Perfect Dry Oil


When the summer heat leaves your skin parched but you can’t bear the thought of slathering on a heavy lotion for hydration, use this marvelous dry oil from Ren instead. It’s an intoxicating blend that smells deliciously of dewy roses, and it’s loaded with super-nourishing argan and cranberry oils. Use it on your skin or hair.

Buy it for $60 at

3. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector


If it’s been pouring for days and you need a bit of glow to perk up the gloom, go for Becca’s Skin Perfector. It gives you just the touch of shimmer for natural luminosity, without making you look too shiny or too done.

Buy it for $41 at

4. Ulta Eye Primer and Rose Gold
Eye Shadow Palette


And then there are the summertime joys of feeling like the heat is causing your makeup to melt down your face. (Tip: Save your foundation for cooler months and apply a tinted moisturizer in the summer instead.) Your eye shadow will stay perfectly in place and crease-free with Ulta’s primer. Get it in Champagne for a hint of sheen and to double up as a highlighter. I like to use Ulta’s Rose Gold 12-piece Eye Shadow Palette on top–the colors are beautifully neutral and look great on all skin tones.

Buy the Primer for $12 and the Palette for $20 at

5. Vertere Dramatic Transformation Cream


It’s hard enough to see our teens suffer from acne—many adult women are still plagued with it, too. Vertere has been developed specifically for women who have acne as well as anti-aging concerns, and it’s loaded with ingredients that combat both. It’ll even out your skin tone, help reduce dark spots, combat those zits, and provide the moisture you need.

Buy it for $135 at, or if you’re in NYC, stop in my adored New London Pharmacy (246 Eighth Ave).

6. Coola Sunscreen Spray SPF50


And now on to my favorite summer nag…sunscreen!

Don’t you feel better just hearing the name? It’s so Coola! This line of organic suncare is not only highly protective from the sun, but includes a base enriched with organic plant extracts to nourish your skin. The spray is unscented and non-sticky, and goes on clear and, well, cool.

Buy it for $32 at

7. Bare Republic Natural Mineral
Sunscreen For The Face SPF30


Loaded with Coola ingredients, this sunscreen is chemical-free (the blocking action comes from titanium dioxide and zinc oxide). It is terrifically lightweight on your face and smells deliciously of coconut.

Buy it for $14.99 at

8. Hang Ten Kids Sunscreen SPF50


Remember those fun days of trying to rub sunscreen on your squirming, screaming kiddies? They’ll be a distant memory when you use this child-friendly spray from Hang Ten. It’s especially good for sensitive skin. And it really does smell like bananas.

Buy it for $12.99 at

9. Mineral Fusion Sun Stick Mineral SPF30


A great item to throw in your purse or beach bag, especially for those spots that are hard to get properly covered, this little stick is packed with sun protection as well as anti-aging antioxidants like coconut oil and cocoa butter. You’ll be soothed and protected.

Buy it for $19.199 at

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Yes, the sunscreen nag never ends — and it never will. Remember — sunscreens with chemical blockers are heat-activated, so if you stash yours in the glove compartment, the sweltering temperatures inside your car will render it pretty useless in a hurry. Always keep a small bottle of it in your purse and don’t forget to reapply it regularly!

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