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Ask Rene: Do You Have Some Advice For An Unemployed College Graduate?


Ask Rene:
Do You Have Some Advice For An
Unemployed College Graduate?

Dear Rene,

My 25-year-old son has been out of college for 3 years now and can’t seem to find a job.

Mark has an Engineering Degree but there are no jobs in his chosen field. For every position he applies to there are 500 other applicants, many of whom have previous experience.

He’s currently working as a waiter at a local Olive Garden and barely making ends meet. What money Mark makes barely keeps him afloat (we take a small amount as rent) and he still has a lot of college debt to pay off.

He’s getting more and more depressed and barely leaves the house now aside from work.

Can you offer any advice or solutions Rene?

Yours truly,

Worried Mom in Washington



Dear Worried:

Oh, that stinks! I can only imagine how frustrated Mark must be. Here he invested all this time and you, all this money in a degree and the two of you probably fear it is not going to pay off. Before I give you my advice it’s important to remember that in all things, in all situations, nothing stays the same forever. So here goes.


1. Tame The Fear

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Fear is paralyzing and can rob you of the ability to think clearly which is critical. So first and foremost, put a leash on that beast! The way I do that is to lay out all the potential ways it could turn out, including the hairiest, scariest, most apocalyptic scenario. As it turns out, it doesn’t look so bad when you shine a bright light on it.


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