10 From GEM:
Easy Travel Tips With Toddlers


Travelling with children doesn’t have to be difficult. With careful planning and organization ahead of time you can alleviate a lot of undue stress reaching your destination and especially at your destination. It may seem tedious in the beginning and even cumbersome, but you’ll be grateful you did that extra legwork in the long run. It always helps to make a list of things that need to be taken care of ahead of time, this way nothing is overlooked or forgotten. Being equipped with essential items, such as medications will alleviate the need to look for these things in a strange place during a critical time of need. Having essential items with you will make your vacation a lot easier allowing you to enjoy yourself and be a little more carefree.

Travel with small children is possible and doable, resulting in a rewarding and bonding time for the entire family. You should miss out on vacations because of a fear or hesitancy in traveling with toddlers and children.

These 10 From GEM tips will make you vacation the best ever! Happy trails!


1. Book Ahead

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No matter where it is you are going, it pays to book ahead. This will avoid unwanted surprises, crisis and stress. Book your lodging in advance and make any special requests that will meet you needs. You can call the hotel ahead of time to make any important requests, or you can add your requests online when booking in the 'special request' section.