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Tales From A Twin Mom: 4 Lessons You’ll Learn the First Year of Parenthood


Tales From A Twin Mom: 4 Lessons You’ll Learn
The First Year Of Parenthood


We learn an enormous amount of things after just one year of parenthood. Are they valuable things? Some are but to be honest, many aren’t. Nevertheless, we learn them and they forever change our lives.


4. RIP Fashionista

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You were that one friend that was in the know about fashion. You knew exactly what was in and what was out. When your friends weren't sure about their apparel decisions you were the one they would turn to. Now? You’d be lucky to be wearing a clean shirt during the day and your favorite go-to combo closely resembles that of someone either coming out of a gym or getting out of bed- either way it’s a far cry from your designer jean days. The weird part is that you truly don’t care. You wear what is comfortable. Trust me, one day you’ll be cleaning out your shoe collection and wondering how on earth you ever wore those five inch heels - better yet: WHY?!

Lesson Learned: Fashion trends will come and go but the first year of parenthood never comes around again.

The sooner you come to terms with the fact that your life will be turned upside down during the the first year of parenthood the better it will be. This is a roller coaster ride that is worth taking so buckle up and enjoy the ride!



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