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Monday Morning Motivation: Don’t Furnish The House Without Building The Foundation

Don't furnish the house without
Monday Morning Motivation:
Don’t Furnish The House
Without Building The Foundation

Hey all! Happy Monday!

Question for you. Have you ever built a house? Perhaps not, but even so, you at least understand the basics, right? In order to build something that lasts, you have to give a good, sturdy foundation.

Of course we know this from a favorite childhood story, The Three Little Pigs. 

In the event that it’s been a few years since you read it, a quick recap; three pigs, all building houses. One uses straw, one sticks and the other took his time and build a strong foundation out of bricks.

If you have ever carted bricks for a garden or a retaining wall, you know what an undertaking that can be. You need a wheelbarrow or someone other wheeled device to move them from one location to another. Conversely, moving hay, all you need is a pitchfork, right? And that is precisely why one makes a better foundation than the other.

A few years ago, when I was in the heavy throes of brand building (I really I still am) my husband Buff and I had a conversation about the summer he was hired to build a brick wall. What he learned is that what looked like a fast, summer job turned out to be painstakingly slow. He was constantly measuring, checking and rechecking to make sure the wall was level and straight.

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Long story short, it turned out to be a nice wall, but not before he had spent an inordinate amount of time on it.

I bring this up today because someone asked me a question about my brand recently.

Basically they wanted to start where I am right now.

Now look, as I have said in this space many times before, Good Enough Mother turns 10 years old this year. That’s a decade of planning, creating content, pushing that content and finding strategic partnerships. That’s a decade of living, breathing, sleeping Good Enough Mother.

So when people look at me and compare their beginning to my middle, they are setting themselves up for disappointment.

And in as gentle a way as possible, I try to explain that there’s a lot of grunt work before the glory.

If you’re trying to build a brand, you don’t start with the social sharing until you have content to share. Using the house analogy, it’s foundation first (make it a good one), then walls, THEN the curtains.

Some of them get it. Some don’t. But they will eventually because furnishing the house before the foundation means you’ll probably have to do it again, the right way, next time.

That’s today’s Monday Morning Motivation. Have you ever tried to start something without laying the proper foundation? How did it work out?



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