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Monday Morning Motivation: Are You Playing With Heart Or Are You A Paycheck Player? (VIDEO)

paycheck player2015-06-08 at 5.31.56 AMMonday Morning Motivation:
Are You Playing With Heart Or
Are You A Paycheck Player? (VIDEO)


Hey all.. Happy Monday! Time to get going and make something happen!

I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies.. and it’s one that’s weighed heavy on my mind these last several weeks.



In one of the movie’s pivotal scenes, struggling sports agent Jerry Maguire calls Rod Tidwell, who was in the middle of a contentious contract renegotiation, a “Paycheck Player”.

Paycheck player. According to Jerry, Rod was one who lived his off-the-field-life with heart but when he got on the field he played with his head. And not in a good way.

The reason I was thinking about Paycheck Players is because I have observed a few, especially lately. And it comes at such an odd intersection of my life.

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Good Enough Mother turns 10 years old this year and I am working harder than ever before. I used to think that by the time I got here (or even well before) I would be rolling in money.


I thought the workload would have eased up by now.

Not even close.

In other words, I and every other entrepreneur, is playing 100% of the time without a net and the stakes are high, exactly the opposite of a Paycheck Player.

Paycheck players:

1. Play with no heart: Just like Jerry said, they’re all about the calculations. “What’s in it for me”, is a commonly asked question. They’re not going to the mat and they believe that there is an I in team.

2. Compare themselves to others: Rod Tidwell couldn’t focus on being the best he could be because he was too busy focusing on everyone else and why they had a better deal that he did. As my mother used to tell me, there is always someone who’s got it better than you. There’s also someone who’s got it worse. Compare=Despair; run your own race.

3. Are small thinkers: They are more concerned with the here and now than planning for what’s to come. In other words, they are playing for a paycheck.. that someone else gives them, rather than laying the groundwork for their own empire.

4. They take no responsibility: I think this is one of the biggest defining features. Whatever it is, it’s always someone else’s fault, never their own. Paycheck players work for someone else therefore they never have to take responsibility for their actions.

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Playing with heart is hard. It means taking big (calculated) risks that sometimes do pay off and sometimes do not. It means being comfortable with discomfort. It means always going, thinking, stretching growing.

As I write this I’m remembering about the times I wanted to quit. The times I wanted to run away.. they are too numerous to count.. and that was just last week!

But I know no one ever went from good to great by quitting. So I play with my heart, even if that means having pennies in my pocket.

One other thing before I wrap this up; not everyone is destined to be an entrepreneur.. not everyone wants to work for themselves. But even if you work for someone else, you don’t have to have the Paycheck Player mentality.

Now go out and be great.

What about you.. do you know Paycheck Players? What have you learned by watching them?






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