Moms Must Read:
Beach Reads for Everyone in the Family 

Vacation books hold a special place in my heart. When I go on vacation I like to take at least 3 books with me: a comfort book, usually in the style with which I’m familiar. It’s my fall back book in case choices 2 and 3 don’t work out.

The other two types of books I like to take are chick lit/romance and then a mystery/thriller. Since I usually only read one adult (non) fiction book per month (usually through a bookclub) I don’t have too much of a chance to spread my literary wings. That’s what vacation is for; it’s a chance to venture away from what you usually read. It’s a literary vacation!

Thrillers and romances are always good choices when on vacation because its fun to imagine you’re caught up in a different activity, while you’re relaxing. You can escape from your vacation. It’s like two vacations in one! And who doesn’t love heart pounding adventure?

So here are books that will suit everyone on vacation. Pack an extra suitcase or download these on your device and get ready to enjoy yourself.

1. For Mom: The Scarlet Letter Society by Mary T McCarthy

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If you love a steamy romance novel then this is the book for you. Don’t worry about reading it in front of the fam. The kids will take one look at the cover and think of that boring old book they had to read in English class.

Meet Maggie, Eva, and Lisa, founders of The Scarlet Letter Society. Named as such due to their various infidelities, both physical and emotional, the “SLS” is these women’s refusal to be shamed like Hester Prynne in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic tale of forbidden longing. Maggie is twice-divorced and juggling three lovers — one of whom is her first ex-husband. Eva is trapped in a loveless marriage and has turned to her young intern and a seductive French chef for satisfaction. Lisa dreams of one day becoming a mother, but her husband has more romantic interest in her footwear than he does in her. Once a month, these women meet at their local bookstore to discuss love, life, and literature. Through their friendships and liaisons, they attempt to gain insight into the curveballs life has thrown their way, and how each of them can find emotional and sexual fulfillment.

Forbidden longing? Let’s not share that fact. I guarantee you’ll never look at Hester Prynne the same again. In fact, I’m packing this in my suitcase right now.

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