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Last Day For Early Bird Tickets For Evolution Revolution!

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 3.50.02 PMLast Day For Early Bird Tickets
For Evolution Revolution!

In 2006, I walked into the office of the big boss at CBS and was told to get out. Get packing.. kicked off the island. I’d lost jobs before but never one so public and never at such an awful time; you see I was weeks away from surgery to remove my breasts.

I had the surgery, then a year later, while out on book tour, I got sick on a plane. Hospitalized for 3 days, pumped full of medication, I was released and went RIGHT to the beauty shop to have my hair chemically straightened as I had been for the past three decades.

But this time, the chemicals counteracted with the medication in my body and my hair broke off and fell out.

So I’d lost my job, lost my breasts, lost my hair and then a deep depression set in.

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There were days I couldn’t get out of bed and really only did so to drive the kids to school, praying no neighbor would stop me.

And I waited. I waited for my high powered agent to call. I waited for people to say, “Hey whatever happened to Rene Syler?” I waited for the phone to ring.

Guess what? It never did.

Then it dawned on me.. Oh. Damn. I have to save myself.

So I set about doing that.

How did I rebuild my life? My career? My physical self?

DFW peeps.. this is your chance to find out!

Nicole Sanders and I are bringing Evolution Revolution: A Prescription For Saving Yourself to Arlington on Sat July 11th, 2015.

You will learn how to claim the life you want and the tools you need to use to get it.

On the physical side, Nicole will be talk about how to achieve true and lasting body fat loss.. and everyone gets a baseline fitness assessment and a prescription for an eating/exercise plan!


All for 25 bucks.. but today is THE FINAL DAY for early bird ticket sales..

Click the link, sign up, share this post with someone who needs to see it.. and we’ll see you in Dallas/FortWorth!





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