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3 Ways The Shark Steam & Spray Takes A Bite Out Of Dirt (VIDEO)

3 Ways The Shark Steam & Spray

Takes A Bite Out Of Dirt! (VIDEO)


Ooooh who’s ready to CLEAN?!

Okay I don’t typically get excited about cleaning, the process or the prospect of it. But when the makers of Shark Steam & Spray reached out to Good Enough Mother to ask me to give it a whirl, how could I say no?

So here’s the deal:  Shark, a pioneer in steam cleaning technology, makes complete floor cleaning more convenient than ever with the new Shark® Steam & Spray™ Pro. With two convertible heads for three ways to clean, the Steam & Spray™ Pro is perfect for consumers who need a quick clean-up tool as well as extra power for deep cleaning and sanitizing all hard floor surfaces.

Now those of you who follow me on Instagram, know I have a yellow lab. Olivia is the best except for her penchant for peeing on the hardwoods.

I also have several, so-called, “high traffic areas” in my home.. and by ‘high traffic” I mean in front of the refrigerator.


Hey, I’m raising teenagers. That’s one of them up there.

So those were my challenges.

Oh and one more.

I hate to mop.

I’ve only done it a couple of times, preferring to watch it done in movies. Or by others.

So it was with bated breath that I watched as hubby opened the box.


The Shark Steam and Spray mop comes with all these goodies

So there are 3 ways to clean, depending on the task at hand. 

·  Steam-Only Mode – turn tap water into steam for a deep clean with no residue

·  Steam & Spray Mode – steam combines with the Shark® Hard Floor Cleanser for a high level clean to remove stuck-on dirt, grease and stains

· Spray-Only Mode – swap in the lightweight, battery-powered head for a quick clean-up.

So Buff gave it whirl.. working around a few obstacles.



Ewwww… but effective!


Shark® Steam & Spray™ Pro (starting at $119 MSRP) features include:

·  Swivel-steering for easy maneuverability

· Removable power cord for speedy clean-up using the battery-powered spray mode

· Upright feature on Steam & Spray head for easy storage

· Powerful LED lights to improve visibility and target stains

· Additional features include:

o    Shark® Hard Floor Cleanser

o    Disposable SaniFiber™ pad

o    Washable microfiber pad

o    Four AA batteries

At the end of the test, Buff realized why he liked it so much.. We had an earlier model! So now we are a two, Shark family!





(Disclosure: I received one Shark Steam and Spray mop to test out. All opinions are my own)

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