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10 From GEM:
Living a Better Life Part 2


Living a better life is so important and vital that everyone should strive to make changes. Facing regrets is an awful and disappointing feeling. The letdown experienced by regret becomes a great emotional burden to carry and will ultimately affect your choices and decisions later on. You have one life and must decide to wake up every morning and be excited about it. Life is too short. Who knows what challenges or crisis lurk around the corner, things could change in an instant. No one is invincible.

Change your life for the better right now using these powerful ten suggestions.


1. Try To Take Risks For Greater Rewards

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Have you tried something new and risky lately? The ability and flexibility to take risks is a fundamental ingredient of life. The riskier the action, the greater the reward. The mundane tasks usually reap small rewards, resulting in an unrewarding end. The odds for risk taking are high because someone else controls the odds. This type of risk taking should be avoided. Instead, seek "healthy risk taking", where you control the odds. Take starting a business for example. Yes, it's risky, but you ultimately control the functionality of your business such as the currency, the market and clients. You control your own level of education and your discipline for your company, this way, you for the most part, control the odds and you're not a pawn in someone else's game. Most importantly, always look for something rewarding and attainable.