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Switching It Up! Why I Changed My Jamaican Black Castor Oil Regimen (VIDEO)

PicMonkey CollageSwitching It Up!
Why I Changed My
Jamaican Black Castor Oil Regimen (VIDEO)

One of the things I have learned about life in general and my hair specifically is that you have to switch it up!When I first went natural, more than 6 years ago, I was using Jamaican Black Castor Oil (aka JBCO) as a moisturizer. I got away from that a bit and then saw a woman on Instagram with beautiful hair and thought, I need to get back to that.So I did go back to using it the way I was when I first cut my hair..

Guess what?

Well.. just watch…



After that experience I decided to change it up. This time I applied the JBCO to my scalp the night before and then wrapped it up in a plastic bag covered with a satin cap. The next morning, I co-washed and styled. It came out GREAT! Not too greasy but very moisturized.

And while I’m here talking about styling.. follow the pictures for step-by-step instructions on how I get my curls just right!


1. The Set

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As many of you know I do not EVER use shampoo. So the morning after I pre-poo'd with the JBCO, I hopped in the shower and co-washed. Co-washing is the process of using conditioner as your primary cleansing agent. There really are enough cleansing properties in conditioner to get the hair clean without stripping it of its natural oils, something that is very important for us curly girls. I used conditioner and give my hair and scalp a good scrub.

Because my hair has a lot of natural curl, I do not use a curl enhancing product. Instead I used conditioner (not leave-in, just regular conditioner), deep conditioner (for the weight), lock and twist creme and gel. I mixed those 4 products together for each section of hair I was working on, adding water as I went along. When my curls are set, they lay pretty flat on my head, so in a trick I learned from Devachan, I clip sections UP to add lift and volume during the drying process. Then I got under the dryer for about 20 minutes.


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