Single Mom Slice of Life:
5 Parenting Battlefields That Changed
As My Kids Grew Older


A lot of years have gone by since I started writing Single Mom Slice of Life, and a lot of my views have changed. So in case you’ve stayed with me throughout the years, I give to you, in no particular order, updated five battlefields in single parenthood that I learned from… won… or just gave up on all together.

1. Sanity Vs. Safety . . . And Fire Exits

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Keep in mind, this meant a lot more to me when my kids were younger. They're teenagers now, and I have OCD, plus a constant fear that someone will show up and my house will be less than perfect. Actually, it is a fear that I used to have. Many a weekend was wasted forcing kids to clean their rooms. In the end, I learned, as long as there is a fire exit from the bed to the door that at least resembles a pathway - I'm good. Anyone that is going to show up to my home is going to know I have kids - and they either understand that, or they'll just never come back. Either way, if I keep the door closed... my OCD doesn't hurt quite as much.