In Case You Missed It:
Friday Roundup

Happy Friday, folks! We’ve made it through another week and we’re almost done with the 5th month! Wow – the year is just flying on by.

Here’s a quick look at our top stories from the week in case you didn’t get the chance to have a look…

The word stress resting on a breaking rope

Jackie shared 10 Super Easy Ways To Shake Off Stress in 10 From GEM; something I think all of us could use a bit of help with every now and then.


In last week’s Our Story Begins, Dave asked the question How Do You Do This Dating Thing?! You’ll want to check this one out for his insight.


In this month’s edition of Pixie Dust Central, I decided to share 5 Hidden GEM Restaurants At Walt Disney World – some favorites for my family. If you’re planning a vacation to The Place Where Dreams Come True, you won’t want to miss these delicious recommendations!

heels and wheels day 1

The car-buying process – I don’t know about you, but the thought of it gives me the heebie jeebies. Rene went to an event last week and shared Heels And Wheels 2015: The Knowledge giving some insight into one of her car-buying experiences as well as some great info from the event. Check it out!

Raising kids is hard. I think that watching your child drive away for the first time is even harder. Check out this month’s What Matters Most: This Growing Up Stuff Is Hard On A Mama’s Heart for a look at Tricia’s experience with this very thing.

daily motherhood thoughts

You know you have them; crazy, random thoughts as a mom – again, raising kids is hard. This month, Julixa gave us a peek inside of her thoughts in Tales From A Twin Mom: My Crazy Daily Thoughts. My favorite is number five. Which one is yours?

We hope you enjoyed the roundup! Have a great weekend, everyone!