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GEMs Of Beauty: Getting Handy With 5 Must-Have Hand Products

Beautiful hands

GEMs Of Beauty:
Getting Handy With 5 Must-Have Hand Products


When I went to Leland High School in San Jose, CA (long before the digital businesses in the area changed the landscape), I was able to practice the piano in the music room when I didn’t have classes. My fingers are very long, and when I played every day I could span an octave plus two keys on each hand. This drove the music teacher, who was barely five feet tall and was desperately wishing she didn’t have such tiny hands, to distraction. Why oh why, I could see her thinking, were those pianist hands given to her?!

Even though I no longer play the piano, I’m still conscious of my long fingers and know how much they need extra pampering. The skin on our hands is thinner and more sensitive than elsewhere on the body, and since they’re always in motion—and, if there are little kids in the house, they’re always wet!—they can easily get neglected. Here are my favorite new creams for hand help:

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1. Jurlique Hand Cream


I first discovered Jurlique when I was on assignment in Australia years ago, and I’m thrilled they’re products are as easy to fine in the US—especially as they have always been organic and biodynamic–as they are Down Under. Their hand cream is super-rich and divinely scented, so you can have sweet aromatherapy-drenched dreams when you put it on right before bed. Available in Rose, Jasmine, Citrus, or Lavender.

Buy it for $25 and up at

2. Amore Pacific Time Response Intensive
Hand Renewal Crème


If you’re in the mood to splurge, go for this ultra-luxurious trio of hand creams. This cream is pricey for a reason—it lasts and last and lasts, even if you’ve done the dishes and wiped up the presents the dog (and your toddlers) left on the floor.

Buy it in a 3-pack for $90 at

3. H2O Sea Results Anti-Aging Hand Cream


If you’re starting to notice freckles, age, or hyperpigmentation spots on your hands, bring out the sunscreen, and start using this cream as well. It has marine and seaweed extracts to brighten your skin and minimize discoloration. It’s smoothing and soothing, too.

Buy it for $18 at

4. Nature’s Gate Cherry Blossom Hand Cream


What is more spring-like than cherry blossoms? You can bring them to mind all year with this luscious cream scented of these blossoms. That it’s got lots of natural emollients like shea butter, safflower oil, and soybean oil doesn’t hurt, either. And, if you’re a rose fan, it comes in that scent as well.

Buy it for $5.62 at

5. Ling Skincare Hand Hydrator

Ling does some of the best facials in NYC, but if you’re not in town you can still take advantage of her expertise and use this hand hydrator. It’s got a rich base of glycerin, rose water, and Squalane, and is lightweight for those who don’t like heavy creams.

Buy it for $10 at

Bonus Item: StriVectin TL
Advanced Tightening Neck Cream

Okay, so this is a terrific product for your neck (and it lasts forever), as it really does make a difference when your skin is starting to, you know, not look its best (okay, sag, droop, look like chicken skin, what-evah), but I also like to use it on my hands as it’s genius at smoothing the skin there, too. You’ll be amazed.

Buy it for $95 at

Bonus Hand Help: Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener

sparkle gold nails

My nails have always been soft, cracking and splitting easily and driving me crazy. Luckily, Sally Hansen has just launched this new nail hardener that not only improves the strength of your nails, but is flecked with gold sparkles. You can wear it alone to improve your nails—and because you’re never too old to glint in the sun!—or use it as a base coat, too. It looks especially good with one of their new neutrals designed by Tracy Reese (Tupelo Honey is divine!).

Buy it for $7.99 at

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*Tip of the month: When you’re putting on your daily sunscreen—because I just know you are!—remove any excess and with the front of your hands. Voila! Your hands get the dollop they need. Rub it in well. Reapply if you spend a lot of time driving on sunny days, too, as you can easily get sun damage through the windows of your car.

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Sun exposure is the number-one cause of age spots and wrinkling on your hands, so don’t let them show their age before your face does.

Share your favorite hand products in the comments below!

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