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Evolution Revolution Coming To Dallas-Fort Worth!

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Evolution Revolution Coming
To Dallas-Fort Worth!


Hey everyone! You ask? We deliver.. Good Enough Mother and Ladimax Sports and Fitness are coming to Dallas Fort Worth for a health and wellness  summit!

As many of you know I have been on a mission to regain my physical fitness. Traveling with Sweet Retreats and trying to keep up with the demands of building a brand and raise a family, took their toll on my waistline. My blood pressure was headed up, up, up and so were the numbers on the scale.

Boo. 🙁



Baggy clothes in Aruba

By this time I had taken to wearing shapeless shifts in an effort to hide my changing figure.

The fact is, while I didn’t gain a ton of weight, I gained enough for me to be uncomfortable. Something had to give.

I met Nicole Sanders of Ladimax Sports and Fitness  about this time last year. Now fitness has been my thing, well on and off anyway, throughout my entire life. But as I approached middle age, started to get soft and spread, I knew I needed to do something more.

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Nicole was the first person I ever heard say I needed to eat MORE.. as well as lift heavier weight.

I adopted her philosophy, watched it work in my own life and I was SOLD!


Now I’m excited to team with my client and friend Nicole to take our show on the road!

Nicole and I will be coming to Dallas in the first of several traveling health and fitness summits planned for cities around the country.

Evolution Revolution, A Prescription For Saving Yourself is a 4-hour health and wellness summit designed to give people actionable tools for better living.

Many of you know my story; I lost my job, my breasts and my hair in two years and had to find myself.

So I’ll be speaking about how to reinvent your life and career and how to achieve better work/life balance.

Nicole will give each participant a comprehensive baseline fitness assessment with a prescribed eating and exercise plan based on those results.

All for.. get this..

25 BUCKS! but you have to take advantage of early bird registration.

So what are you waiting for? Here are the details:

When: July 11th, 2015

Where: Sheraton Arlington Hotel

Time: 10am-2pm, lunch is included.

Click here for more.

We’ll see you in Big D!


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