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10 From GEM: 10 Ways To Practice Random Acts of Kindness

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10 From GEM:
10 Ways To Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Practicing random acts of kindness can improve your mental health by changing your attitude and way of life. Beginning these acts can be in small, achievable and reachable ways that suit you best. Once you begin to practice these thoughtful random acts, you’ll begin to feel better, your mood will lift, your steps will be lighter and you’ll be smiling throughout the better part of your day. Such positivity enhances your spiritual and physical health, fostering a richer, more rewarding daily life. Best of all, the random acts of kindness are contagious and the repeating of them gets easier and more frequent. Here are ten quick ways to begin your random acts of kindness.


1. Do Something For Free

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One small activity, especially a cumbersome one undertaken by you, will go a long way for someone else. Offer to babysit for a busy mom, or for someone going through a difficult time. Take someone to their chemotherapy appointment, or cut your neighbour's lawn. Offer someone a lift, or pick up your neighbour's trash bins from the curb. Not only will this make you feel good, but it will also make the other person feel valued.

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