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The GEM Debate: Should The Government Mandate THIS For Travelers?

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The GEM Debate:
Should The Government Mandate
THIS For Travelers?


Well now here’s something you don’t come across every day. I found a piece from the not-so-distant past that talks about how the Chinese government is issuing new guidelines for its citizens who travel to other countries. Apparently Chinese citizens have developed a reputation for being rude, unruly and in some cases much worse.

Take for example the mother who helped her son relieve himself into a bottle in a crowded restaurant.

Or the mother who helped her son pee in a bag outside Golden Bauhinia Square, one of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attractions.

The guidebook, issued by The National Tourism Administration, also urges travelers to “observe public order and respect social morality in tourism activities, respect local customs, cultural traditions and religious beliefs.”

There are also the things like not occupying toilets for longer than necessary and not peeing in public pools (ewww).

That all seems fine and honestly, I’m surprised it needs to be laid out at all.

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But for purposes of this discussion, let’s ask this:

How would you feel if your government asked you to do these things while traveling abroad?

I mean, again, playing devils advocate here, you’re not an employee and while you do represent the country, is asking you to keep your nose hair trimmed, overstepping just a little bit?

I guess there’s a part of me that feels that of course while you represent your country, you also represent yourself and a little common sense would go a long way. Sadly, that seems to be in short supply.

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So personally I would not be helping any of my kids urinate in a bottle or a bag because it’s gross, not because my government asked me not to.

Okay so what say you? Take the poll.. should the government mandate travel behavior for its citizens? How would that make you feel? Do you see yourself as an ambassador of your homeland and therefore would want to make it look good to the eyes of the world?

Take the poll!

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