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Tales From A Twin Mom: 5 Things Every Twin Mom Wants You To Know


Tales From A Twin Mom:
5 Things Every Twin Mom Wants You To Know

This is for my friends that may think I have become a flake, or have just gotten too cool to spend time with them. Near or far, I try to stay on top of my friends’ lives, but I don’t really show it by making appearances. I just want them to know that I still care, and I’m interested, but I’m busy with the twins I’ve created. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; raising twin toddlers at once is like treading water in your house until kindergarten comes. I want them all to know what’s going on here…


We got the invite to the party and we wanted to be there. Nothing would make us happier than being able to socialize with other adults while sipping on some wine. Please understand that it’s a lot of work to get there and the probability of everything going smoothly is zero to none. We probably even bought the present and tweezed our eyebrows in anticipation of having some social interaction. Our twins, however, had other plans. Sometimes it takes so long to get everyone ready and into the car that by the time I’m sitting behind the wheel, I’m sweaty, out of breath and kind of exhausted. Please don’t think that I’ve changed or that I care for you any less. I don’t. I really wanted to be there. I just couldn’t. It was scientifically impossible.

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We need sleep; and if that means taking a nap at a red light, then so be it. When you visit, please keep that in mind. I know my home is a wreck and I look like I haven’t seen a bar of soap in 2 weeks, but I’m trying. So far the score is 1,217,355 to nothing-in the twins’ favor. I know the house could use a good dusting, but this twin thing is not an easy task. Also, please know that if I invite you over there is a 99.9% probability that my eyelids will meet every 20 seconds.

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Ask us once if we need help, but if you’re not serious then please do not ask a second time. We. Need. Help. No matter how old they are, we would love a little help. If that comes in a chilled bottle with a cork in it while we sit on the floor of a playroom laughing at ourselves, then so be it again. Actually, that would be perfect. Come on over if you have nothing to do- it would only take an hour long nap for me to feel better! Please keep in mind that the first time you offer, I’m just being nice when I say “Oh, dont worry about it!” Please insist until you get a different answer…

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We try our very best to at least brush our hair every morning, but let’s be honest. If you had to take care of two little human beings at the same time, you wouldn’t have time either. It’s hard. Sometimes the day goes by, and the only down time we get are the two minutes we get to sit on the toilet. If there’s a mirror in there, we dont even bother looking. Our priorities have changed. We think it’s better to keep two babies quiet than to spend half an hour trying to shave all the obnoxious hair that has gone wild on our legs!

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Listen, unless you want to hear me try to talk on top of what seems like two cats trying to kill each other, just text me. There is only so much I can say before getting distracted. My kids are busy pulling each other’s hair, climbing on each other to get to the cookie cabinet, and having a tea party with toilet water. I can send you pictures if you’d like so you can see for yourself, but I wont be able to have a long chat about it over the phone. Just not happening. Know that I love you and miss you, but I also have to look out for my sanity. Sometimes, just bringing a little calm and quiet into my day is the most I can ask for…

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Okay your turn.. if you are a mom of multiples.. what would you add to this list?

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