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Tales From A Twin Mom: 10 Things To Discuss With Your Twins’ Babysitter


Tales From A Twin Mom:
10 Things To Discuss With Your Twins’ Babysitter


There are certain times that stick out the most in life. For me, it’s mostly the times that I spent laughing until my stomach hurt. This is one of those times…

A couple of years ago, I asked my younger sister to take care of my children for TWO hours while I ran errands. Not a hard task, right? She’s an Ivy League graduate for heaven’s sake. As long as I leave the children fed and clean, everything should be alright. Or so I thought. Half way through running errands at the speed of light I got a call from home. You guessed it. It was my sister. “What do I do if I have to pee?” she asked.

“Hold it in!” (I thought it was obvious I was kidding)
“Umm, ok but how?”
“Look, just go, hurry. Put the babies in the crib and leave the door open.”

That’s when it occurred to me that something so obvious to me was not so obvious to my twenty-six year old sister or anyone else who has not yet had children. Mind you this is a highly functional young lady who has a great GPA and a good amount of common sense. Meanwhile, by the time I got home, she had one crying baby in the crib and the other crying baby in a playpen  because my 5 year old convinced her it was their nap time (strictly because she couldn’t hear her princess movie with all the commotion). As I took a glance at the twins I noticed they were also sticky and completely covered in assorted popsicle juices. Oh, and of course they both had full diapers at this point. She was also clearly upset by the fact that they were still crying even though she had followed ALL the advice my 5 year old had offered.

Later that night while the children were asleep and we were having a glass of wine (ok, a couple) we discussed what had happened during the day. She was just blown away that I did this on a daily basis and that some things just came “naturally” to me. Both the experience and the conversation inspired us so much that we sat down and wrote down a list of things that I thought were understood but she said were not…


1. A Quick Bathroom Break Is Fine

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You are allowed to take a quick bathroom break. As long as you know the kids are in a safe and confined place you should be fine. Just make sure you don’t turn on the exhaust fan. This way you can actually hear what’s going on in the rest of the house. Kids can be very adventurous when they see that there is no adult around.

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