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Raising Gaybies: Muddy Waters


Raising Gaybies:
Muddy Waters

The day they were born, they day they spoke, and the day I hurt one of their feelings….

How awful as parent do you feel? Talk about highs and lows. You bathe your kids and comfort them. They are so cute and adorable and then they begin to talk. You think they don’t understand you, but they do. You think they cannot hear you or interpret your tone of voice but they do. You think your child cannot compute your sarcasm and yet they do. Parenting is like water purling through blades of grass, softly threading a path to nirvana until you realize you stepped in a big pile of mud!

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Mud is where I live now. I have come to terms that everything I failed on as an adult is given back to me as a problem to solve, again. NOT FAIR! See what I mean. I cannot deal with it. Why do I have to teach my kid to be nice to everyone and I can break all rules of decorum. What if I just don’t like you because you are a pain in the ass? For example, when my kid doesn’t like another kid… why does he have to put on a brave game face and I don’t? Or why does he have to look everyone in the eye and and demonstrate perfect manners when I don’t? NOT FAIR AGAIN! I have a friend who hates almost everyone… seriously… but his child is just the sweetest most respectful kid. And I will admit I can be a perfect prick if you push the wrong button or I miss meal time.

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I know… we have to teach our kids to be respectful to others. Times have changed and we need to inculcate good citizenship into our future generations But sometimes I just want to be real and say the seven letter word… decorum…. just not in front of my kids.


  1. behavior in keeping with good taste and propriety.
    “you exhibit remarkable modesty and decorum”
    synonyms: propriety, seemliness, decency, good taste, correctness; More

    * etiquette.
    “he had no idea of funeral decorum”
    synonyms: etiquetteprotocolgood formcustomconventionMore

    * archaic
    a particular requirement of good taste and propriety.
    plural noun: decorums

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