text on wall, KarmaMonday Morning Motivation:
Sometimes You DO See Karma In Action!

Hey everyone! Happy Monday.. Let’s get the week off to a proper start.

I need to tell you about a letter I got a few weeks back but before I do, I need to take you back more than two decades.

Several years ago I worked in local TV news. Most of the people I worked with were very cool, people of integrity who really just wanted to do the best job informing their audience.

There was one exception, however.

One of my co-anchors had an enormous ego which was on full display from the moment I met him.

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I was a new reporter and had just moved to Dallas from Birmingham, Alabama. In the make-up room, this co-anchor, popped his head in the room and said to me (in his Ted Baxter-esque delivery), “Hello my name is (name withheld) and  people here like me. If you want to have a long, successful career here you’ll learn to like me too.”

I suspected he was joking.. but it was said in that way where you know there is a kernel of truth in it.

This person proceeded to make my life a living hell. You know people like this; they thrive on chaos and are always in middle of it, stirring the pot.

At one point he used a pejorative used to describe African Americans. The TV station I worked for at the time could not let it go un-punished but instead of suspending him, they sent he and I to a work mediator.

Yeah I know.

I had to go to HIS punishment. Let that sink in for a moment.

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Anyway, after several sessions, my co-anchor apologized to me (because he was forced to) and promised to change (which he never did). Ultimately I left that job, ended up at the CBS The Early Show and now with Good Enough Mother.

Life went on and I forgot about that co-anchor and my experience with him until a few weeks ago when I received a letter from the professional mediator who saw the two of us.

I’m not going to reveal what he said to me in confidence but it came out of the blue and took a lot of courage for him to do it.

I quickly wrote back letting him know that I had long forgotten my experience but it was integral for me because I learned 3 huge lessons.

1. The experience prepared me for what was to come: While I was in the throes of this I remember Buff saying something to the effect of, “The faces may change but the people stay the same.” In other words, I was going to run into the same TYPES of people throughout my career (and I did) so it was best to learn how to successfully deal with them. And I did.

2. I learned to trust my gut: While I was in that situation, this person did his best to make me feel like I was wrong.. like it was all in my head and that I was going crazy. I was not wrong, it was not all in my head and I was sane as I had always been. I knew that in my gut which is why he was ultimately unsuccessful at undermining me.

3. It all worked out in the end: Karma with a Capital K. The co-anchor who was so ugly to me, was a troubled soul who, by all appearances, still is. The same issues he had 20 years ago, he continues to have to this day. He never learned. I don’t relish that as much as I pity him and the time wasted.

That’s today’s Monday Morning Motivation; how about you? Have you ever been in a situation like this where someone from your past reinforced something that you already knew? How did it make you feel?