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Monday Morning Motivation:

3 Things To Tell Yourself RIGHT NOW!


Hey all! Happy Monday!

See that meme up there? I found that while tooling around on Instagram (PSST! You are following me over there too, aren’t you?) and thought THIS! This is the perfect way to start every Monday. Actually not just Monday.. but every single day.

The power of self-talk is amazing; anyone who has ever talked themselves out of something understands this all too well.

But for as powerful as that detrimental self-talk is, the opposite is also true; you can pump yourself up to accomplish great things just with a few words.

So for today’s Monday Morning Motivation, here are 3 things you should tell yourself when you look in the mirror today and every day!

1. You Can Do It!

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Okay first things first. You have to BELIEVE you can do it; it really does just start with that. You've heard people say "fake it 'til you make it"? Yes, that. Only this is not so much faking it as it is propping yourself up with positive self-talk. So before you finish brushing your teeth and combing your hair, look in the mirror and tell yourself, you can do it!