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4 New Books To Celebrate Mothers


Spring is finally here! The warm weather brings tulips, daffodils, and babies. Many people welcome new babies into their lives in the spring.  One of the best things about spring is Mother’s Day and there’s no better way to celebrate mothers than snuggling and sharing a good book together.  Whether you’re a new mom, a mom to be, or a grand mom, and no matter whether you read together at bedtime, after school, or midday, you probably have fond memories of a book.

No matter what kind of mom your mother is, she never gets tired of loving you. Here are four new books that will help you tell your mother that you love her.


1. Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Mom! by Jan and Mike Berenstain

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You know how I feel about the Berenstain Bears; if there's a message to be learned, they'll teach it:

With Mother's Day only a week away, Brother and Sister Bear are looking for the perfect present for Mama. After all, Mama Bear is always there for her cubs! When Brother scrapes his knees, Mama is there with bear hugs and kisses. When Sister Bear needs help with her homework, Mama always lends a helping paw. So what can the cubs possibly do to show their mom how much they love her?

I have a feeling they will find just the right gift for Mama Bear.

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