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Life Lessons: Christine Marion Jolicoeur


Life Lessons:
Christine Marion Jolicoeur


*Are you happy at the moment?

I try on purpose not to make happiness my goal. I feel like it’s too changeable and depends too much on things outside myself. Instead, I look for the joy in everyday moments and for me that’s a mix of mindfulness + gratitude + fun. Happy is a feeling, but joy is a way of being in the world. Right now, I’m very joyful!

*If you could go back and say anything to your 16-year-old self now – what would it be?

One day, when you’re older, you’ll look back at your yearbooks and photo albums and realize how amazing and beautiful you already are. Please, stop trying so hard to be more and do more. There’s so much more to life than studying and checking things off your to-do list. Have fun, travel, figure out what and who you love and take really good care of yourself.

*What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this year?

This year I learned how to recognize when things are getting too heavy for me and how to let the unimportant things go.

*What do you most want to achieve in the next 12 months?

My goal for 2015 is to focus more on myself and my family and to prioritize the things that bring us joy.

*What’s your secret to happiness?

It’s no secret! I write a lot about living and parenting on purpose. For me, that means making conscious choices about how I spend my time and money and energy. Being really clear about my top three priorities helps me know what to say yes to and makes saying no a little less hard.

*What one ritual or practice keeps you grounded?

Our bedtime practice! Every night before bed I ask my kids the same three questions:

1. What was your favourite part of today?

2. What would you change about today if you could?

3. What’s one kind thing you did for yourself or someone else?

We all take turns answering them and it’s often the best part of my day. It helps me stay connected with my kids + hear what’s important to them and what they’re struggling with and it helps me reflect on my day + model healthy choices and coping for them.

*What’s your biggest regret?

No regrets. Everything that has happened to me has taught me something. There are just a few lessons I wish I didn’t have to keep learning over and over and over again.

*What’s the most important lesson you’ve taught your kid(s)?

Kindness. Everything we do, every decision we make, at the very core is about being kind; to ourselves, to family and friends, to neighbours and the community, to strangers, to animals and to the environment.

*What bad habit would you most like to change about yourself?

I have a bad habit of trying to make the world and other people’s choices make sense, of trying figure out why. I could get lost for days trying to figure out why something happened or I could just accept it, decide what my next best step is and move on. I remind myself several times every day, “Why is not my job.”

*Aside from motherhood/fatherhood and marriage what are you most proud of in your life?

I’m really proud of the business I’ve created ( where I help busy parents find the joy in every day moments so they can raise healthy, connected kids. I love the work I do and seeing how one parent making a few small changes can have a huge impact on the whole family.

*When were you happiest?

When I’m having a dance party in the kitchen with my two boys.

*What ten words best describe you?

joyful + real + imperfect + fun + amazing + growing + balanced + connected + kind + mum


Christine Marion-Jolicoeur helps busy parents find the joy in everyday moments so they can raise healthy, connected kids. She’s an Amazon #1 bestselling author and creator of the Joyful Parenting workbook + ecourse. You can download the free Joyful Parenting e-book, your 6 step guide to confidence, clarity and connection with your kids when you need it most at Please take a minute to check out the Joyful You website, the Joyful Parenting blog and connect with me on the Facebook page.

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