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The GEM Debate: Is It Okay For Kids To Stay Inside In This Instance?


The GEM Debate:
Is It Okay For Kids To Stay Inside In This Instance?


Hey all.. we made it to the weekend. I was tooling around and found an interesting piece on The Stir by

The author talks about how her son hardly ever plays outside and she is 100% okay with that.

Before you rush to judgment, you need the context. The author lives in New York City, a place with more concrete than green space. She does’t feel comfortable letting her son run around on his own in the city and can you blame her? Etan Patz, the first child to appear on milk cartons, was abducted from the street and later found dead.

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When I was a kid, our  mother told us to go out and stay out until the street lights came on. Of course, this was a suburb of Sacramento, California not the largest city in the country.

We spent many a summer running up and down undulating lawns, playing dress-up, making necklaces out of flowers, drinking from the garden hose and so on.

The kids in our neighborhood were perpetually grimy and naturally lean from all that running around.

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But that was a different time and place. I actually don’t begrudge this woman for feeling this way; after all she is raising her son not me.

Would I do the same thing with my kids if I lived in the city? Perhaps..

Would you?

Okay so time to weigh in.. do you think this mother should be doing more to get her kid outdoors?

Why or why not? Take the poll and let us know!

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