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Weekly Roundup

Happy Friday to you, GEM readers! We hope you’ve all had a great week and that you’re gearing up for a relaxing weekend. We’re coming your way today with a look at some of our top posts from the week – have a look!


Our newest contributor, Jackie Psarianos, gave us 10 From GEM: Ten Fast And Easy Pick Me Ups For Busy Moms. Who doesn’t need a little pick-me-up from time to time? Take a peek at some great and easy ways to do just that.

Picture by Marcy Guevera

Picture by Marcy Guevera

You may have seen some online hype about Jessica Kane last week. If not, do a quick Google search and you’ll come up with lots of info as she was quite the hot topic; so much so in fact that Dave wrote his weekly piece about what took place. Go take a look at Our Story Begins: Being Brave and weigh in with your thoughts!


In this week’s Monday Morning Motivation, Rene took us back to the moment of her last on-air video from her days on The Early Show and shared details on the road she traveled to pick herself back up and how she kept it moving forward. Need some motivation? Take a look at Monday Morning Motivation: Learning To Harness Creative Chaos (VIDEO).

© Stuart Miles -

© Stuart Miles –

For all you parents out there struggling with the issue of discipline, you’ll want to take a look at Better, Not Bitter: One Foolproof Tactic To Make Discipline Work. Sometimes when all hope seems lost to get our point across to our kids, a new tactic might be just what you need!


Wouldn’t it be nice if kids were born with a handbook made just for them with consideration taken for the family dynamics they’re being brought into? Well, we’re just not that lucky so we get to figure this thing out on our own. Wendy shared a story about how things have changed as her kids have grown up and how she figured it out on the way. Take a look at Single Mom Slice of Life: Did This Child Come With A Handbook? for a great look into her adventure.


Can you guys believe it’s almost Mother’s Day? Me either. Pam shared some great new books with us that are just in time for Mother’s Day – take a look at Mom’s Must Read: 4 New Books To Celebrate Mothers for some great gift ideas from the little ones!


Moms of multiples might seem flakey to some people if they don’t know what their daily life may consist of. Julixa gives us a peek in Tales From A Twin Mom: 5 Things Every Twin Mom Wants You To Know for some great insight on the real deal in mom of multiples world!

Hope you enjoyed the roundup and that you all have a fabulous weekend!