10 From GEM:
Ten Fast And Easy Pick Me Ups
For Busy Moms


It’s easy to place ourselves last. We get so caught up with helping others, daily chores, managing outside work that we often neglect our own needs. Over time that begins to grate on you and quite often resentment towards those you’re tending to may begin to build. Catch yourself before that happens and even if you’re in that frame of mind you can take these easy ten steps just for yourself. You’ll feel all the more better for it too.

Try just one or a few of these simple tips each day and you’ll feel all the more better for it.


1. Tender Your Tootsies

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Soak your feet in warm, sudsy, scented water containing baby oil. Later, slough off dry skin with your favourite foot scrub and indulge in some rich, peppermint foot cream.