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10 From GEM:
The Benefits Of Saying No

Do you ever say no? When you consistently say yes to everyone, do know that you are going to take something away from yourself?

Saying no is difficult because we don’t want to disappoint or let other people down. But by saying no to requests you don’t feel comfortable with or don’t want to fulfill will mean more freedom for you. Now, for example, you’ll be able to enjoy that leisurely Saturday morning without interruption, or because of saying no to that birthday party, you’ll be able to enjoy a carefree, relaxing weekend.

Save yourself some valuable time with these ten tips. Remember, your time is precious.


10. Practice Saying No And Don't Apologize

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Practice saying no and don't apologize for saying no. The more you repeat something, the easier it gets. The same holds true for the word "no". Even if people are insistent, keep saying no with conviction, firmness and without apology. Don't let guilt surface either. An apology before a refusal sounds weak. Guard your time and the requests will eventually decrease. Always remember, your time is precious.

What you need to keep in mind is how you are going to feel about and deal with requests put upon you. You are the one who will have to deal with the time spent doing the task and the feelings that arise from it. Furthermore, if you undertake the task without fully wanting to, or by putting something important aside then you risk losing time with your tasks. You'll feel frustration and again, resentment will build. Learning to say no is not easy and it takes great practice, but it will eventually get easier. The benefits to you will be great and you'll be all the more happier for it.