Monday Morning Motivation:

A Gimmick Sure To Bring Success! 


Hey everyone! Happy Monday! As hard as it is to come off the weekend, I always feel good about Monday since it’s a chance to set the week off right.

The other day I was talking to a friend who mentioned that she and another friend are talking about Good Enough Mother and me.

Her friend had said, ” You know Rene is really smart. She hustles. She would be much more successful if she had a gimmick.”

I bristled at the comment for a couple of reasons starting with the definition of gimmick.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 5.59.14 AM


A trick. Really?

I have been very busy lately, busier than I have ever been before. Trust me when I say I did not get that way by tricking people into my way of thinking; I got that way because I was open, honest and authentic about my experiences. No trickery; just truth.

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The other thing that struck me as odd was the assumption that I was not a success.

According to WHO? Yeah I’m working harder than ever before. Yeah money’s tight. Yeah, sometimes I don’t know how this is all going to turn out. But just because I am no longer working in day-to-day TV or because my mug is not splashed across billboards doesn’t mean I’m not succeeding.

I work hard. I am changing people’s lives by challenging perception and smacking down common misconceptions about women and motherhood.

Obviously some are listening, including big brands that have partnered with me like Disney, Alamo, Coca Cola to name a few.

I set my own hours, I travel, I spend time with my family doing the things I want to do. I work with people I want to and pass on the ones I don’t.

How is that NOT a success?

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So here’s the thing: the “gimmick” I’ve been using is the same one available to just about everyone else. It’s called hard work.

It’s not sexy, it doesn’t happen overnight, it’s not bright or flashy. It’s gritty, raw, decidedly unsexy and extremely difficult. The people who resort to gimmicks don’t want to work that hard. So they put together something that’s shiny and shallow.

Yeah, that’s not me. That’s not my brand.

That’s the gimmick I used a decade ago when Good Enough Mother (the brand) was born and the one I will use until Good Enough Mother (the woman) leaves this earth.

Not sexy. But effective.

What’s your “gimmick”? You feeling me on this one?