Monday Morning Motivation:
Always Look Ahead, Never Look Back!

Hey guys Happy Monday! How about a little gut check for today’s Monday Morning Motivation? I had one just today while in the gym. Here’s how it went down.

I was wearing my spandex and scowl, my typical gym attire and on the ride in the car with Buff, I started talking about bills,  money and all the stuff that you should talk about on a Monday morning (heavy sarcasm). I started to get a little depressed because sometimes when you’re working so hard building a brand it’s easy to get tired. Then you start to wish for the time when it was, maybe not easy but at least familiar.

So I was lamenting (read: complaining) to Buff about it when he said something that snapped me right back to the here and now. Without going into great detail, he reminded me of how unhappy I was a few years back. Even when I had that big gig, I knew there was more for me, I could feel it. But I couldn’t act on it. It wasn’t until I was freed (read: fired) that I was able to really go for it.

Now here’s the part no one tells you when you’re building a brand and because no one tells you, I feel like it’s my duty to. There will be times too numerous to count, that you will wish for the familiar; the old gig, the steady paycheck, the friends, working toward a goal together. It happens to me too. But then I remember this:

Just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it’s right. 

Boo-yah! Yeah, I loved a lot of things about my old life and job. There were also a lot of things I didn’t care for. Now, working on my own, building my own brand, I have a clearer vision of the things I want and need to be a success by my own measurement. It’s okay to lament what was but remember, don’t just look at the good but at the picture in total, which includes parts that weren’t so great.

What about you, do you ever miss your “old” life? How to you keep looking forward?