good, better, best street sign illustrationMonday Morning Motivation:
9 Things That Separate Good From Great


We’re off and running on another Monday morning so let’s make it a great one, shall we?

Speaking of great, one of the things I often say is that there is a difference between good and great.

But what is the difference exactly?

In watching the people around me, I have been able to glean a bit of what that is.

So here are 10 things that separate those people who are great at what they do versus those who are average.

1. THEY HAVE PASSION: This is where it starts. People who are great have a burning passion for what they do, whatever it is. It’s the things that fuels them even when there is no paycheck.

2. THEY SEE THE BIG PICTURE: The reason they keep going is because they know why they are doing it. Whether it’s about serving the greater good, building a brand or because it’s the thing they’ve always wanted to do, they are focused on the big picture. They understand that the money might be short (initially) and the hours might be long (always) but they know it won’t always be that.

3. THEY DON’T COMPARE THEMSELVES TO OTHERS: As someone who ran track as a kid, I can tell you a surefire way to lose a race is to concentrate on your opponents instead of the finish line. Your race is your race. Run it well.

4. THEY USE WHAT THEY HAVE: Everyone has a story. Everyone has a skill set. The trick is to harness those things so they can be used. My good friend Debbie Mitchell and I worked together at CBS The Early Show. A few years ago she was embarking on her new career as founder and CEO of Deborah Mitchell Media Associates. Debbie knows how to produce; she did it every day for years in TV. She’s still producing, just in a different medium. Same skills now she uses them in a different way.

5. THEY DON’T LOOK BACK: This is a HUGE deal and so hard not to do. We are creatures of habit. We gravitate to that with which we are familiar but familiar doesn’t always mean right. I feel this way myself sometimes, when I start to remember all the support and regular paychecks I used to have with that big TV gig. Then I remind myself that it wasn’t all great (stifling creativity anyone?). Remember that when the going gets rough.

6. THEY SEE MISTAKES AS LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: Albert Einstein said, “Anyone who’s never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” And who wants THAT? Mistakes are nothing more than the roadmap to success; how else will you know how to get there if you don’t know which roads NOT to take?

7. THEY HAVE HIGH EQ: EQ.. not IQ and there is a difference. EQ means emotional intelligence. I know plenty of smart people who shoot routinely shoot themselves in the foot because they are emotionally immature. Successful people know how to analyze emotion and find the proper outlet at the appropriate time.

8. THEY STICK TO ROUTINE: My husband Buff is big on this. Every day he gets up and heads to the gym before he gets his day started. Routine is about discipline and this is his which sets the tone for the rest of his day.

9. THEY NEVER GIVE UP: That’s all. There is no secret. They just keep going. No matter the circumstance, the number of disappointments, the number of times they’ve been told no, they never give up. For me, I am at the point were I have put too much into all of my ventures to let go now. That doesn’t mean I won’t course correct, but I will never quit.

Those are the 9 things I see in the people around me who are working every day to be great. What would you add to the list? What do you see or do that separates you from average?

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And remember.. go out and be GREAT!