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Monday Morning Motivation: 9 Things Successful People Do That You Should Too!


Monday Morning Motivation:
9 Things Successful People Do
That You Should Too!

Hey you guys..

Get up, get going, get BUSY! And happy Monday to you!

One week ago I was waking up in Appleton, Wisconsin where it was 11 below when I opened my eyes!  I had a chance to speak to employees of Kimberly-Clark Corporation for their Black History Month celebration. I love speaking to groups like this because I always walk away with tons of new friends and this experience was no different.



At Kimberly-Clark Headquarters in
(very cold) Wisconsin 

As I was detailing my journey of the last decade or so, one of the things I said on stage was that I was going to make Good Enough Mother a success or die trying. After the speech, a soft-spoken gentleman came to me, grabbed my hand and leaned in. “You don’t have to die trying for something that has already happened.” And then of course, I cried like a baby.

You see sometimes it doesn’t feel as if I’m successful. I’m working harder than ever before. Like so many people, a lot of times there are more bills than money to pay them. And I get tired.

But I started thinking about what separates good from great; what do successful people know that the rest of us don’t? How are they doing it?

I look at some of the folks around me, people I admire and came up with up with a couple of ideas.

So here they are.. the things successful people make a habit of doing.. and you should too!


1. They Know Attitude Is Everything

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Successful people know this is where it all starts. No matter what is happening around them, they know they have control over at least one thing; their attitude. Having a positive attitude sets the tone for success and attracts like-minded people. You know what the opposite does. So don't do it.


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