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Moms Must Read: 5 Sporty Books Kids Who Love March Madness Won’t Put Down


Moms Must Read:
5 Sporty Books Kids Who Love
March Madness Won’t Put Down

It’s March Madness! Everyone’s glued to the big screen cheering for their favorite team! When they’re not screaming at the TV, they’re adjusting their March Madness brackets, right? Because everyone loves a winner!

If you have a sports fan in your house, don’t think that there’s no hope for them when it comes to picking up a book. More and more authors are writing sports books for kids. And not just boring biographies filled with dates and facts. Sports books contain sports, action, sometimes romance, depending on the age group, and sometimes time travel!

Get your head in the game and let’s take a look at 5 Sporty Books your athlete reader will love.

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1. Jackie & Me by Dan Gutman



Dan Gutman is one of my favorite authors for sporty books for kids aged 9-12. This particular series ticks off all the boxes for reluctant (and voracious) readers for several reasons: most kids start out reading the My Weird School series when they are just learning to read and are usually familiar with Gutman’s writing. Next, who doesn’t love time travel? The main character travels back in time. And finally, sports. There’s a sports legend for every young fan. This series has everything a middle grade reader wants. Sporty kids will want to read Babe & Me and then tear through the series learning all about their favorite baseball legends. I happen to prefer Jackie & Me because of all the barriers he broke down.

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2. Deep Zone by Tim Green



If your sporty reader is more into football, then Tim Green is the author for you. The Football Genius series centers around Troy, a boy who has the ability to predict football plays. This middle grade read is an insightful look into the inner workings of professional football. You can imagine, that by book 5 in the series, Troy has made a name for himself; good or bad. I have no idea what a deep zone is, but I bet your growing quarterback does.

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3. True Legend by Mike Lupica



For your young teen we have Mike Lupica. The great thing about Lupica’s books are that he writes for two age groups. He writes sports books for middle grades and also for young adult so sporty readers can grow up and look forward to reading Lupica when they’re in their teens.

In this age of street agents promising riches to kids barely out of elementary school and college programs being taken down because of recruiting violations, True Legend is a resonant and inspiring novel in the Lupica tradition.

That’s what I love about Lupica, there’s a moral to the story that kids don’t even realize they’re learning!


 4. The Final Four by Paul Volponi



For the slightly older teen reader, The Final Four chronicles a four very different college ball players. Who will get to be called champions at the end of March Madness? This is a gritty read that will make you think about what it takes to be a champion. Everyone’s sacrifice is different and everyone’s backstory is different. It’ll also make your sporty reader think, which is never a bad thing.

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5. Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock



Here’s a title that’s going to the top of my TBR pile. Don’t let the cover fool you, Dairy Queen is a series about sports! Our heroine, who comes from a sports family, wants to try out for the high school football team. This cow milking athletic girl wants to play sports. And I think they should let her. Too bad her friends, her family, and her boyfriend have other ideas. This series is a sleeper series. I’ve been told it’s a great read hidden behind an awful cover. Girl power!

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Unfortunately there isn’t much more on the sports literature front for younger kids. I often send older teens to the biography section as many teens will read about how their favorite sports figure started out in Little League, for example. We need more authors to pen books for kids about sports other than football, baseball and basketball, especially if they want to include young female readers; especially since so many girls are excluded from those particular athletic events. Also? Need more hockey books. Now there’s a sport I can follow!

Stepping down from my sportsbox. Get it? Sportsbox instead of soapbox?

Take a lap and then hit the showers!

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